Understanding and Integrating the Six Chakras Above the Crown Chakra and the Six Chakras below the Feet - correspondence course.

In 1999 Gildas (my discarnate guide) began to teach about 12 ‘new’ chakras, six above the crown of the head and six beneath the feet. These chakras have many different links that help us to understand other worlds and also parallel, simultaneous and concentric universes.

When we are conversant with these chakras they give us a sense of an expanded and dynamically enlivened auric field. The chakras themselves interrelate, not only in ‘sets’ i.e. the ones above the head and the ones beneath the feet, but the ones beneath the feet in pairs with the ones above the head.
The names of the chakras beneath the feet are: the Pilgrim Chakra, The Earth Water Chakra, The Earth Light Chakra, the Earth Breath Chakra, The Earth Life Chakra and The Earth Axis Chakra.

The names of those above the head are: The Overview Chakra, The Group Soul Chakra, The Strato Disk, The Sacred Breath Chakra, The Moon Chakra and The Sun Chakra.

The teachings about these chakras were given as a series of lectures, to a long-standing group who meet monthly to receive Gildas’ teachings. I am now offering a correspondence course for those who may want to use the work of discovering, contemplating and working with these chakras as a framework for their own spiritual growth or to expand their own teaching or healing work.

Apart from this course, the material on these new chakras will now be ‘copyright’ to the original group, as guidance is needed if the new dynamic they offer, when brought into consciousness, is to be successfully integrated.

The course consists of six ‘lessons’, one chakra pair being treated in each lesson. So:

  • Lesson one = The Pilgrim Chakra and the Overview Chakra.
  • Lesson two = The Earth Water Chakra and the Group Soul Chakra
  • Lesson three = The Earth Light Chakra and the Strato Disk
  • Lesson four = The Earth Breath Chakra and The Sacred Breath Chakra
  • Lesson five = The Earth Life Chakra and The Moon Chakra
  • Lesson six = The Earth Axis Chakra and The Sun Chakra.

It is recommended that the lessons be taken not less than one month apart, thus making a six-month course, but they can also be spread over a longer time, so that they are taken six-weekly or bi-monthly. Less frequently than bi-monthly would lead to a lack of continuity in the work.

The lessons involve reflection, meditation and breathing exercises. It is recommended that you keep a journal of your work with the chakras. Before receiving each new lesson, we ask for extracts of your journal to be sent, or some form of commentary on your work, with any questions you may also want to pose. When sending your next lesson, Gildas will then comment personally on your experiences and any questions you may have and will suggest further personal work on that particular lesson, if necessary. You will be given specific appointment days and times for receiving the lessons and any commentary arising from your work.

Cost: The cost of the course is £350. This can be paid in full at the start of the course, or an initial instalment of £150 can be paid with a further instalment of £100 due at the third and fourth lessons.

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