Psychological Supervision

Ruth White is an experienced and trained, psychological supervisor, for:

  • individuals in counselling and psychotherapy practice
  • healers and alternative practitioners

Ruth lives in Peacehaven on the East Sussex coast and works by telephone with small groups and individuals. 

Ruth is available for supervision by telephone by arrangement. Ruth is a semi-retired (formerly accredited U.K.C.P.) transpersonal psychotherapist and has been trained in supervision - founder member supervision training group, Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, London. Ruth also works eclectically, calling on a diverse range of methods and practices to achieve the most effective results for her clients.

Ruth's original training was in teaching, with posts in Infant and primary schools as assistant, deputy head and head-teacher, before re-training for counselling and psychotherapy. After qualifying in counselling, guidance and psychotherapy Ruth worked in a large, residential, natural health centre where she acted as consultant at a management level, supervisor for staff, and counsellor/therapist to resident and non-resident patients.

For six years Ruth helped to run a residential conference centre in the South of France, where she was involved in administration, planning, staff management, and also in leading long, residential self-help/self-growth groups. At the same time she ran a private practice as a psychotherapist, facilitator to self-help self-growth groups, supervisor and consultant (as at present).

Transpersonal psychology is based on the work of psychologists such as Jung; Maslow and Assagioli. It is a therapy that takes into account the dimension of finding greater meaning in life and gives importance to symbols, archetypes and to intuition.