Correspondence Course in Spiritual Growth

Ruth White and Gildas now offer a correspondence course in spiritual growth. This is tailored to individual needs and provides a monthly programme of meditational, reflective, breathing, writing or drawing exercises to aid self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

Working with individual chakras and groups of chakras is also recommended and guided. This is designed to strengthen the energetic body and the ability to make spiritual connections.

The programme is based on monthly assignments. Initially, for assessment purposes, you are asked for a life-review ( not more than 3,000 words). This provides the basis for designing an individual syllabus which includes work on: appropriate spiritual key-words; teaching, advice, insight and interpretation from Gildas, the consideration of karma, blockages and obstacles encountered; exercises to help in overcoming these as well as for capitalizing on positive attributes; recommended chakra work (breathing and colour exercises, possible work with crystals and guided meditations); the keeping of a spiritual and dream journal.

Individuals can choose the pace and depth at which they work and the number of minutes/hours they give to their assignments.

How does the course function practically?

A monthly postal appointment is made with Ruth and Gildas. This is for a specific date and time each month. Your initial life-review and thereafter your notes on the previous month’s work are required to arrive by post, in plenty of time to accommodate this and you are asked to ‘tune in’ for at least the first 15 minutes of your session. Ruth and Gildas spend approx. one and a half hours evaluating your progress and outlining work for the following month.

How much does it cost and what is my commitment?

The fee for the monthly session is £50. You are asked to make a six-month commitment and to pay £100 deposit for the first two months in advance. Thereafter you may pay month by month at the time of your appointment. To make the course less intensive or to economize on cost you can also choose to take the sessions six-weekly or bi-monthly. (The deposit/first two session’s fee is non-returnable). Although the initial commitment is for six sessions, you will probably find that following the course for a year to eighteen months brings the greatest benefits.

What benefits can I expect from following such a course?

The benefits of self-growth and increased spiritual awareness show in many areas of life. Spiritual, when interpreted in the widest sense, means having a sense of purpose and meaning, not living life in an over-detached way or in a vacuum. Self-growth means self-knowledge and brings the benefits of being able to live more creatively, make positive decisions and find joy and fulfilment.

The spiritually orientated, self-knowledgeable person usually enjoys more positive mental and emotional adjustment and better physical health or well-being. Training the energy body helps in spiritual awareness and furthers the ability to meditate and cross thresholds in life. It is an essential basis for all who wish to be healers or to communicate with their own guides.

About Ruth White and Gildas

Ruth White is 70 years old. A former school teacher, she has been aware of the presence of Gildas, her discarnate guide and teacher for as long as she can remember. At the age of 19 Ruth received spiritual training from Gildas and developed her ability to receive his teachings for others. She also discovered her ability as a healer. After twenty years of teaching experience Ruth re-trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist and has since created many self-growth workshops, healing and channelling courses in consultation with Gildas.

Ruth and Gildas have written several books together including ‘Working With Your Chakras’; ‘A Message of Love’ ‘Working With Guides and Angels’; ‘Chakras: A New Approach to Healing Your Life’. ‘Karma and Reincarnation’ and ‘Energy Healing for Beginners’ All published by Piatkus Books.

Gildas, Ruth’s discarnate guide had his last incarnation when he was a Benedictine monk in 14th century France. He says that he is now a part of a large group on the other side who are working to help human potential and the dawning of a new and golden age in the evolution of humanity and the earth. He is a wise, patient and often humorous mentor. Ruth receives his communication as a form of dictation, and then either speaks the words in her own voice or types them on the computer.

Contact: Ruth White

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    Telephone 01273 587189
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