Your Spiritual Journey


In Your Spiritual Journey, Ruth provides guided inner journeys and meditations leading you on fascinating voyages of discovery.Drawing on the teachings of Gildas, her well-known discarnate guide, Ruth gives inspiration, insight and practical help to everyone interested in spiritual growth.

The book covers:

The Art of Meditation, Guided Journeys and how to interpret the symbols within them, Incarnation, Evolution, Karma, Forgiveness, Religion and Belief Systems, Angels and Guides, Love, Healing, Creativity, Transformation, Death and Rebirth, and much more.

Working With Your Chakras

Is a highly practical and approachable guide to the chakras. Clearly written and easy to use, it brings esoteric chakra knowledge into a Western perspective.
Connecting with your chakras enables growth, healing and balance to take place in all areas of your being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Ruth explains how to use exercises, colourful visualisations and meditations to unlock a wealth of information about yourself.
Unsuspected strengths or gifts will emerge, and the greater self-knowledge gained will help you to live more fully and make more dynamic and exciting life choices.
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Working with Guides and Angels

In this accessible and practical book, Ruth provides information on how you can work with your guides and angels.
She explains what guides and angels are, their purpose in our lives, how we can learn to communicate with them and what to expect.
She highlights the areas of our lives in which they can help, and gives a wealth of practical exercises to help us to make contact.
Working with Guides and Angels draws on Ruth's personal experience with angels and provides channelled information from her own well-known discarnate guide, Gildas.

Karma and Reincarnation

Ruth explains the importance of karma in different religions and cultures and reveals how understanding karmic and reincarnation principles can bring about greater meaning and purpose in your life.
The book helps you understand the purpose of pain and suffering and explains the principle of karmic debt and karmic enmeshment.
Showing how karma can help you to understand and deal creatively with the different situations you may face in your life.
Karma and Reincarnation also includes helpful case histories, meditations and anecdotes

Chakras - A New Approach to Healing Your Life

Ruth shows how working deeply with your chakras enables you to reach your full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.
Discover how connecting with your chakras can help you to improve and heal relationships with family, friends, lovers and colleagues.
Release blockages around sex, money and authority. Develop the courage to make major life changes.
Bring greater physical health and vitality to your life.
Chakras - A New Approach... contains a wealth of practical information, and many useful case studies.

Working with Spirit Guides

Do we all have guides? Who are they, and what do they do? In Working with Spirit Guides, bestselling author Ruth White explains all you need to know about these special beings: what their purpose in our lives is, how to identify and communicate with them, and what to expect.

Ruth tells her own amazing story and those of others, and includes easy-to-follow exercises for activating your sensitivity and intuition and helping you on the path to inner wisdom.

You will discover how to: Recognise and communicate with your guide, Increase your awareness through meditation, Ask the right questions and receive the right answers, Work with your dreams and intuition, Guard against false guidance, Find your sense of purpose and follow your destiny.

Working With Your Soul

seeks to define both soul and spirit.

This book demonstrates how life itself can be seen as guidance from our souls, whether by the gifts it holds for us, or the actual and metaphoric 'knocks on the head' and 'kicks from behind' that challenge our direction and our creative relationship to living.

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Energy Healing for Beginners

is a no-nonsense, straight-forward guide to basic energy healing techniques both for yourself and others.

With clear, simple language, step-by-step instructions and easy exercises, world-renowned healer Ruth White explains exactly what healing is and what it involves.

Ideal for both new and experienced healers.

The book covers:

How to get started, Energy concepts, How to manage a healing session, How to interpret different energy sensations, How to look at illness and disease from emotional, psychological, energy and spiritual perspectives, How to use other healing methods such as crystals and sound, How to relate healing to a holistic concept of life as well as to specific conditions or diseases.