A simple description of karma is that it's the law of cause and effect. It is important to realise that karma is not punishment for past misdeeds, but a mechanism that enables balances to be made, and evolution of the soul to take place.

At the higher level, we choose our lives and their circumstances for ourselves, specifically to further our experience and growth. A karmic analysis aims to throw light on these choices and the reasons for them.

A karmic analysis is not a past life reading as such. Though during the course of the analysis there will almost always be reference to some past life incidents and certainly to the major themes that other lifetimes have followed. It is an overview of the issues that, in view of the course of your present life, seem to have karmic links or origins.

Karma can sometimes explain why you chose particular circumstances for this lifetime - i.e. your particular body, state of health, parents, friends, conflicts, and so on.

A karmic analysis can help you better to understand the spiritual and evolutionary meaning and purpose of this present lifetime. It can show you the way to overcome obstacles or find unexpected strengths hidden in the challenges you have met.

Obtaining A Karmic Analysis

All karmic analysis is done by email or regular mail.

If you would like a karmic analysis, please write a short life history for yourself (say a maximum of 3,000 words). When thinking about this and writing up what you feel has been significant in your life, pay particular attention to:

  • Synbolic knocks on the head; kicks from behind
  • Events that seem to be repeated a lot in the the present life
  • Difficult relationships
  • Illnesses; physical strengths and weaknesses
  • Doors that seem to have closed on you
  • Losses and deprivations
  • Blockages and obstacles

Before you write your life history please contact Ruth to make an appointment.

You will be given an appointment day and time, and be asked to tune in for about 15 minutes during a period when Ruth will be channelling for you. The total time taken for the analysis (including reading your life history) will be about 2 hours.

The Karmic Analysis report is sent to you by email, or by regular mail if you prefer.

The cost of a Karmic Analysis is £60.