About Ruth White and Gildas

Transpersonal psychotherapist (U.K.C.P.) (formely accredited)

Post graduate Diploma in Counselling and Guidance from University of Reading

Founder member of Training for Supervisors at Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, London

Channel for spiritual guidance from Gildas - for over 50 years

Author of many books acclaimed for their spiritual insight and guidance

Over 30 years experience in counselling, psychotherapy and supervision with individuals, groups and organisations

Experienced workshop teacher and facilitator

Ruth White runs a counselling practice and workshops in the UK, and throughout Europe.

GildasĀ  is a discarnate teaching guide, dedicated to helping individuals in incarnation, by giving a wider spiritual framework in which to see life's problems and opportunities, and by teaching about other realms and dimensions.

The last incarnation of Gildas was as a monk in 14th century France. He is now part of a group on the other side which is involved with teaching and healing work, and building a bridge between the planes.

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