Counselling and Psychotherapy

Ruth provides individual counselling and therapy sessions.

These can be on a one off  basis to:

  • Talk through a crisis, or its prevention
  • Explore problem solving scenarios
  • De-brief from the stresses of life

Counselling can also be longer term, to:

  • Get support whilst going through a change
  • Find out what you really want from life
  • Make changes that will bring your needs into your life
  • Explore the patterns you may be addicted to
  • Examine anger management
  • Find motivation
  • Achieve a better understanding of yourself
  • Achieve a better understanding of others
  • Find out what is blocking your route to success
  • Improve your self-image and confidence

How Ruth Works

Counselling can also help in the management of longer term health problems. Ruth has particular experience in supporting cancer sufferers who wish to explore the circumstances that have contributed to their condition. Ruth can also help patients make decisions about the management of the illness, alongside considerations of achieving the best quality of life.

Psychotherapy is usually longer term than counselling. It offers a deeper exploration of issues, looks particularly at childhood patterns and seeks to enable re-growth from a deep level. It can be used simply as a process of self-discovery, and a means to find one's maximum life potential.

Ruth has an eclectic approach to counselling, adopting the most appropriate of a wide range of tools and practices available to her, to suit individual needs best. In psychotherapy, she is trained in the Transpersonal Model, which is based on the work of psychologists such as Jung, Maslow, and Assagioli. It is a therapy that takes into account the dimension of finding greater meaning in life, including spiritual meaning, and it gives importance to symbols, archetypes, dreams and intuition.

Cost and Commitment

The basic fee for counselling and psychotherapy is £45 per hour.

If you require a one off  or very short term counselling/therapy sessions you can book for longer than one hour - up to 2 hours at a time. Longer term work is based on hourly sessions, but with a commitment to a regular schedule.

Psychotherapy usually requires a commitment to have sessions at least once per week for periods of 6 months or more.

The first session for anyone considering longer term counselling or therapy is always an exploratory session to assess what is required, and for us to decide if and how we can best work together.