Channelling and Guidance from Gildas

Ruth White is the channel for Gildas, a discarnate guide. Gildas offers guidance and counselling from a wider perspective and within a spiritual framework.

More background information about Gildas and Ruth White are given in the About Us section.

Channelling sessions may be conducted by post or email.

In advance of a Gildas channelled session it is necessary to prepare clear questions about your life or dilemma. Gildas also requires some information about your life in general and the reason for your asking these questions at this time. If you're referring to other people in your questions, please provide at least their first name. It is not enough to ask about "my mother" or "my friend" for example. Better to ask about "my mother Winnie, who is now in Liverpool". Handwriting helps to strengthen the contact with a person who is not present.

It helps if you type your personal questions for email or postal sessions, but try to include a few words in your own handwriting, in addition to your handwritten signature.

The guidance for sessions will be typed up and sent to you by normal post or by email.

Channelling Appointments and Costs

The cost for each channelled guidance session, lasting about an hour, is £55. Longer sessions will be charged pro-rata.

Please contact Ruth to make an appointment.

You will be given an appointment day and time, and you will be asked to tune in for about 15 minutes during a period when Ruth.