There is an energy field around every human being, which is spiritually described and clairvoyantly perceived as the aura. This may be seen in colour or as a vague light. It may be sensed as private space or experienced as a subtle electrical tingling around an individual.

Much of the colour and energy of the auric field is supplied by the chakras. 

For anyone able to see or sense these, they are wheels of light and colour interpenetrating with, affecting and being affected by the physical body. Most chakras carry links to specific parts of the glandular system and might therefore be described as subtle glands.

Originally described in Eastern esoteric study, the chakras can also be interpreted as a 'map of consciousness'.

Ruth White has pioneered work in this field and has written two books on chakras.

Ruth sometimes runs courses on chakras for groups and will also undertake chakra work with individuals to assist in self-understanding and the healing and growth process.

There are no group courses on chakras currently running, but if you would like to enquire about individual training or guidance on chakras, then please contact Ruth in the normal way.

Keep an eye on the News section for any updates on new courses which may include work on chakras.